About seven years ago, after a successful time winning some national poetry and short story competitions, I was encouraged by my creative writing tutor at the time to try my pen at playwriting. I spent the summer of 2009 having great fun adapting a published short story I’d written ‘Beware of The Carrot Nappers’ into the stage play ‘The Carrot Nappers’. It was written at the time when the country was in deep recession and intended as an antidote to the doom and gloom in the world. Fast forward to the summer of 2016, what a good time to bring back ‘The Carrot Nappers’

And bring it back we will. First you’ll see the original script is being published in book form to raise some more vital funds for the Stroke Association. Sadly my mum passed away last year after suffering a stroke and the book published in her memory is due for release on the first anniversary of her death.

Anyone who was in the audience last week at Nottingham Playhouse to watch my play ‘Disconnected’ will know I don’t always see eye to eye with technology, but anybody who has worked with me will know I don’t care how we get the job done as long as we get it done. So if it’s not up and running to purchase the book on Amazon on August 4th, just drop an e-mail to one of the ‘Nappers’ team at and Jack will give you details of how to buy the book.

Last week we had fantastic fun, filming the book trailer with a new Carrot Napper cast. Some of the stars from its last stage run were unavailable due to other acting commitments. I knew they’d be hard to replace, so I was delighted with the acting performances of all the cast on the book trailer. The three actors playing the male characters, Peter McManus as Vinnie, Gabriel Lockwood as Onion Head and Mark Theobald as Albert had all been brilliant at our Conquer Stroke new writing night back in March so it was great to work with them again. Eleanor Burke was sublime in the role of Lisa. We’d first worked together six years ago when Eleanor was fresh out of drama school and it’s been wonderful to see how well she’s progressed since first working with us and then going on to appear in the Oscar nominated film ‘Kon Tiki’, along with several national television appearances and a recent lead role on the American TV channel ‘Discovery’.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing actors we’ve given opportunities to, make their mark around the globe, even better when they return to work with us. I look forward to doing more things with ‘The Carrot Nappers’, including bringing it back to stage, even if it means an open air performance at an allotment with an audience dined on sunshine and cider.

Of course there’s also the possibility of turning it into a pilot TV show now we’ve found some fantastic film makers in Wayne and Matt at MGL Media and Spoonjar films. My thanks to them for producing a brilliant book trailer and being an absolute pleasure to work with.

Finally thank you to Kev at The Shakespeare Inn in Shardlow, for allowing us to use the perfect location for filming, and top Carrot Napper crew member Tommy for looking after everybody on set!



2 thoughts on “FROM THE LOVESHED

  1. Double entendre at it’s best reminiscent of the Pinewood Studio classics from a bygone age…All actors superbly crafting their art to the highest level…really enjoyable.


  2. Michael, Many thanks for your kind words. I agree all the actors in this trailer are great and connect so well with their characters and the spirit of the play. I’ve been lucky to have worked with Eleanor, Gabriel, Mark and Peter before so I was aware of their magnificent acting talent. The film makers Matt Holt and Wayne Kelly of MGL Media were fantastic to work with too and possess superb vision and innovation.


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